Location:Hebron, NE

About Thenightspy: Random Quote/Thought: that moment when senpai notices you
(fill your name in the blanks) For God so loved ____ that He gave His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, to suffer, die, and rise in victory for ____. So that by believing in Jesus as the savior from sin, ____ shall not perish, but ____ shall have everlasting life. That's God's promise to YOU!
If you find this offensive, that means it's working
if i don't respond fairly quickly, i'm not really here. please feel free to text me here: (402) 363-3935

name: NiteSpy
fc: Pearl: 3052-7914-6672
SoulSilver: 4641-9293-7098
Black: 0991-2071-7357
Mystery Dungeon: 3697-0365-7441
Battle Revolution: 2493-9739-7887
3DS: 2234-7623-2004

Battle me or trade with me anytime you want!

Name: The Night Spy
Species: Swampert
Moves: Hydro Cannon
Hammer Arm

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