Location:Hebron, NE

About Thenightspy: Random Quote/Thought: "there is no relief from this heavy rain" -game text in ORAS when one tries to change the weather while primal kyogre is on the field read my profile before pming me
(fill your name in the blanks) For God so loved ____ that He gave His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, to suffer, die, and rise in victory for ____. So that by believing in Jesus as the savior from sin, ____ shall not perish, but ____ shall have everlasting life. That's God's promise to YOU!
if i don't respond fairly quickly, i'm not really here. please feel free to text me here: (402) 363-3935

name: NiteSpy
fc: Pearl: 3052-7914-6672
SoulSilver: 4641-9293-7098
Black: 0991-2071-7357
Mystery Dungeon: 3697-0365-7441
Battle Revolution: 2493-9739-7887
3DS: 2234-7623-2004

Battle me or trade with me anytime you want!

Name: The Night Spy
Species: Swampert
Moves: Hydro Cannon
Hammer Arm
other info: I'm actually a human and i can change into a swampert... but with the help of my invention, the Pokétrix, i can change into any pokemon (or anything at all) by using artificial Illusion Ability energy. In human forme i have the power to manipulate reality (its a long story)... for more info ask me.

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